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A Quiet Place 2 Trailer Drops

Sometimes You Just Need To Be Told You're Number One

Well, this certainly looks like an ooky bag of frights.

The mundaneness and slowness of a New Years Day has been broken up with a new trailer to a very popular horror film. The original "A Quiet Place" was good for 340 million on a 20 million budget and was said to have been a huge shot in the arm for the studio who produced it. Seriously, 332 million on a 20 million dollar bet is a dang good return. I would still be it was around the 40 million mark that the decided "we need to make another".

The strangest part of the film is that it's a John Krasinski joint, meaning Jim from "The Office" threw this thing together (as a co-writer and director). I don't know what's up with these comedy folk being excellent at horror, but let's keep 'em coming (you hear me Chris Rock and Saw?).

So this trailer is as fresh as last nights hangover, check it out:

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