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A Salute To Scream On It's 23rd Birthday

When you forget you can use your giant ass phone as a lethal weapon

Our own Rob DiLauro penned a wonderful synopsis and celebration to this movie on Facebook. For me, I feel like I owe this movie a tribute of my own.

I was there for the first Halloween movie, Friday The 13th and lesser movies like Terror Train and My Bloody Valentine. I had always wondered why the fun of horror movies left for so very long after that immense creative surge. Due to personal reasons, I could not see Scream in theaters, but you can bet I rented it the first day it was available at my local video store. This is the first and only time that I watched the same movie twice within 24 hours.

Here was a movie that was not only written for me, but it could have been written by me if I only had the talent. It had a superstar actor killed off in the first act, a great soundtrack (including Right Red Hand-now used by

Blinders), lots of blood and a twist ending. It was like horror movies not only came back, but they were made with a decent budget and care.

Even with all of this praise, it's possible to have a Godfather I vs II debate about it. It's possible that Scream 2 is the better movie, but I have to give it up for the foundation laid by the original. Not only that it kicked open a door so wide that horror movies, in general, were taken more seriously has projects in the years to follow.

I have been asked the internet question if you had to watch the same movie for 24 hours in a row, what would it be? The answer is THIS one. I have movies that I possibly like a bit more, but this movie was the answer to unspoken dark prayers.

Enjoy Drew's opening scene and tell me it's doesn't rate as five of the best minutes of ANY movie in any genre. It's just sublime.

(I have posted Rob DiLauro's original thoughts under the trailer so they can be kept for posterity)

From HorrorWeb/Dungeon Of Deadly Delights author Rob DiLauro

After Wes Craven brought cinema fans Freddy Krueger, no one thought he would make lightning strike twice and create another franchise. With the help of Kevin Williamson, he wrote a tongue-in-cheek and meta homage to Halloween and the slasher, and Ghost Face was born. The film brought so much to horror, including a modern female heroine, a cast that would always be remembered and move on to become names of their own, scenes that became a part of not only horror but pop culture, and of course brought back the faceless killer, Happy Birthday, Scream.

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