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Army Of The Dead Teaser Trailer Drops

In the future, the penalties for putting pineapple on pizza are severe.

First, my apologies to those of you who have lost their zeal for zombies. I'm still all-in on the undead. Next up, maybe you've heard, but Zack Snyder is kind of a big deal. He's your Wonder Woman, 300, Suckerpunch, and hopefully better new-cut Justice League guy.

Now can I say that I hate this teaser-trailer? It feels like it was put together by a high school a/v class. I like the action I'm seeing. I like the brief look at some of the undead. I like how they minimize that weird point that Dave Bautista has on his otherwise round melon-head. The "war film" narration just kinda sucks. I don't really care who it is, or where it came from, it just doesn't work. Such a minor deal at this point just makes me wonder if this isn't going to be just more hot garbage dumped on Netflix.

I want to like this for so many reasons. The picture makes it look like they're just a couple short of a dirty dozen and it'll be fun to watch them get picked off one by one. I do have some other reservations though based on the still pic that you see before hitting the play button. On the left, how does that guy have time to get hair highlights? Why does the girl next to him have cleavage showing (is it to distract the zombies?)? The next guy literally stinks of "the guy who actually works for the man who will eventually betray the crew. Next is, "the Latina we saw in the Aliens movie". Then we have "cute girl who dies early", "by the book guy who dies because he can't adapt" followed by over the top punk rock/tank girl, the science liaison, the African-American hero who saves our real hero and real hero Dave Bautista who plays the "meathead who's actually smart". I think that about sums it up.

Anyways, check out the trailer.

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