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Black Summer Brings The Zombie Mayhem

Just say that In n Out is better than Whataburger one more time, I dare ya.

I must confess that I'm a bad little horror blogger. I need to be spanked with a reanimated arm or something. I have been saving Z Nation in my queue and have yet to dive in. Well, lucky me, because here comes the prequel series Black Summer and it's a pure hell on earth zombie nightmare.

I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's the single camera action, but there is something real and visceral about this show. It's almost like you're an observer on the scene and the scene is not good. Now, this isn't that shaky Blair Witch kind of thing (which was effective for exactly one movie, the Blair Witch). It just looks like you're taking in this action first person and it's intense.

The series basically shows the breakdown of civilization from the start and it's horrifying and probably a little real in the way people would act if something like this goes down. There are even unexplained, or yet to be explained moments, of people reaching some dark depths of humanity.

So how good is this show? I had to pause after watching exactly one episode to tell you about it. If you are looking for horror...mean, twisted, unexplained, gruesome horror, then Black Summer may be your cup of tea. The show has set a course for full on zombie mayhem and I'm saying "all aboard". Stop doing what you're doing right now and dive into this show.

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