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Can Doom: Annihilation Live Up To The Doom Name?

My mama says he's mad because he got all those teeth and no toothbrush

I really don't ask for much in movies. I don't set the bar too high. I just want to be entertained for a few hours and not be insulted too much. It's with the bar set very low that I am hoping the new Doom movie can deliver on the games promise.

Here's the game: A Portal To Hell Has Opened Up On Mars. Jeez, with that one sentence setup the possibilities are endless. I know it can't that entertaining to just follow the Doomguys blasting aliens, but then again, in the days of Twitch and other game streaming, maybe it can. All I know is that advance word of mouth on this movie is heinous.

I'm still hoping for the best. Even the 2005 movie had a couple of moments (The Rock gets killed and the guy with the head injuring mimicking a 1st person shooter). It just drives me nuts that something that is so inherently scary, creepy, sci-fi and cool can turn out so wrong. Hey, critics have been wrong before, but with a no name cast and a "direct to download" plan, it can't be that good.

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