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Can Stranger Things 3 Recapture The Magic?

The face you make when you realize you all got bad beans at Chipotle

Yes, I'm late writing about this, but it still has to be done. It's tough to write about something that you know everyone is already dialed into. What do you say about a series that has captured the imagination of America? What do you say when you're kind of over it? Here's the scoop in a nutshell. I feel like we need to support horror on all platforms at all times. Some of you know what I'm talking about; our childhoods were altered because great shows like Tales From The Crypt or the Saturday night horror hosts were cancelled, so we're reluctant to give up anything. It's part of the reason why my ass gets chapped when people bail out on The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead; they may not be as great as they once were, but they're still a weekly dose of horror on the t.v.

So let's get to Stranger Things. I'm sure the show will be charming and compelling as always. The addition of that little long haired prick gave the show a great real world antagonist on top of whatever upside-down boogie man they had (and it's looking like the two will merge for season three). Heck, I don't want to even write this, but I'm feeling that a bit of the charm and surprise is gone from the show. This could have been avoided too, but due to the fact that they're fighting the same stuff, it's not like this is Stranger Things 3, but rather, Stranger Things All Over Again. It kind of makes me wonder if the producers/directors of this show are kind of one trick ponies.

Let's drill down on this a bit further. As horror fans we all know that Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 are really the same movie. After that kind of a move, the Evil Dead crew knew they had to change things up 100% to reengage the audience and thus Army Of Darkness was born. Nearly everything from the first two movies was abandoned except for the central character and the basic rules of the evil he was fighting. With Stranger Things 3, I feel like we're getting our third remake of the first story and the only real change is a mall as it's location (which may be a nod to, or a rip-off of, about a half dozen other horror projects that used a mall to tell a story).

Hey, I'm with you. I'll watch every single episode and probably love it and eat my words on a stale cracker. It's just at this point, the show has to prove a third season was called for. Stranger Things 3 starts July 4th on Netflix.

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