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Scream Drops Bloody, Violent & Nostalgic Trailer

The face you make when someone tells you they like candy corn

The trailer for the fifth installment of the Scream series has arrived, and I'm a little mixed. I would tell you, as a fan, to not watch it. The problem isn't that it isn't bloody, violet, and nostalgic, it's that it seems to give too much away.

Apparently, the first kill is completely given away here. Then you see character after character being chased by Ghostface. It just seems like the whole thing is laid out right in front of you with little left to the imagination. Let's start with this, I really enjoy Jack Quaid from "The Boys". Quaid always as a strangely intense and awkward look about him that made me peg him as the leading candidate to be the killer, but in this trailer, you can see him being attacked. Sure, he still could be a bonus killer or something, but it just seems spoiler-y.

Let's also jump back to Scream 4 for our next problem. I'm still mad at some of you for sleeping on Scream 4, but one of the problems with that movie is that you have this universe of young people being terrorized and then the old crew is brought in so that it almost feels like two movies. This trailer gives me the exact same vibe, that there are creepy old people coming to the high school reunion.

So, here we go. There is NOTHING that can keep me from watching a Scream movie (I even watched the heinous Scream 3 at least three times to confirm it was indeed garbage). My beef is 100% with the marketing team who cut this trailer in an action movie style.

Now it's time for you to decide. Do you watch it, or not? I know you will, so go ahead now:

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