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Don't Sleep On The Final Girls

That moment you regret using the Diablo Sauce

Hey gang, you're probably way ahead of me here, but here me out. #1. Horror movies, especially these days don't get as wide a release and/or promotion as they deserve and #2. We're in the middle of a pandemic here and we're scraping for things to watch.

Hitting up the air on Showtime right now is "The Final Girls". I was instantly intrigued by the use of the trope as a premise, but also by the stars in this film. Taisa Farmiga (American Horror Story) is the lead along with Malin Akerman (a million things including The Watchmen), Alexander Ludwig (Vikings), Adam Devine (Workaholics/The Righteous Gemstones) and a bunch of other familiar faces.

The story is simple, a young girl and her friends find themselves inside a horror movie that her mom made. Her goal, to be the final girl and get back to reality. The movie actually treads the ground between horror, comedy, and fantasy. The movie also features an almost complete knockoff of a Jason Voorhees type killer. All of this adds up to some fun inside jokes and playing around with the tropes of most 80's horror films (Adam Levine=oversexed, inappropriate asshole/jock). Oh, and there's a little in it for you gore-hounds too.

So as I mentioned, this may have slipped past your radar, and it is 100% worth a look because it has so much fun with the kinds of things that made us create HorrorWeb.

I will warn you, this is one of those trailers that tells pretty much the whole story, but have at it.

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