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Dress Your Pet As Freddy Krueger This Year

1, 2, Freddies Coming To Chew...3, 4, Let Him Out The Door

Dressing your dog as a hot dog is just "so yesterday". Even the "spider-dog" costume has been done to death. Now you can dress your dog (or cat) as one of the most iconic villains in all of horror.

Those of us in the horror biz are quit familiar with Rubie's Costumes. In fact, you probably are too and just didn't know it. It seems like sometimes every costume that ever goes anywhere travels through a Rubies warehouse. This also means that Rubies generally does not sell direct to the public.

Luckily for you is retailing the Freddy Krueger dog costume for the reasonable price of $22.52. If you're like me you dress your dog in costume once, take a pic then never dress it up again. Also, if you're like me, $22.52 is WORTH IT for a picture of a dog in that costume.

Let the other dogs be bumble bees and fairy princesses, get some mayhem on your mutt or cat this Halloween!

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