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Fantasy Island Goes Full On Horror

Me when I find out a kid peed in the pool

Just what in T.V. Land hell is going on here? First, the Banana Splits were turned into some kind of horror outing and now Fantasy Island hops onto the terror train?

Yes, I guess our favorite movie makers, Blumhouse, picked up the rights to Fantasy Island and is repurposing the theme for a horror movie. It certainly looks like it's going to work as a concept, but "careful what you wish for" isn't that far of a stretch.

Michael Pena looks like he'll work as Mr. Roark; what doesn't work is a creepy lady instead of a little person. You're gonna tell me that you're going to reboot Fantasy Island as a horror movie and you can't find a little person for the role? Call Rob Zombie and pick up that feller that starred in 31 and 3 From Hell. He'd be a hell of a guy to yell, "zee plane, zee plane".

Another thing I have a problem with is the portion of the story regarding our heroine. It basically looks like shes operating one of the guys from Hostel in a claw game.

Who am I kidding? I'm going to watch this. Check out the trailer:

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