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Fear The Walking Dead Returns In June

Sometimes the best part of being on a softball team is everyone going for ice cream afterwards.

I'm calling out all of you fickle horror fans. The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead continue to bring horror/suspense to the t.v. that is far better than 90% of the horror movies out there. Why some of you quick checking in with these weekly doses of zombie mayhem is beyond me.

Yes, both shows have taken some time to develop characters and that may mean less time for you to get your impaled zombie head fix on, but it's necessary to know the characters so you give a crap when they are in jeopardy.

Also, at this point, some of you don't want to jump back in because you feel like you may have missed too much and are lost. I'll say it again, jump back into "Fear The Walking Dead". The show has done a total refresh from the early seasons and has also done a great job of incorporating Morgan from The Walking Dead. Now, in season 5, we're also going to get the guy really responsible for breaking up the Saviors, Dwight, jumping over to the show.

I also sincerely hope that one day these various Walking Dead universes recombine. Presently we have not just these two shows, but whatever universe Rick Grimes is living in in the forthcoming Walking Dead movies.

Take a peek at the just dropped trailer for season 5. Don't look at is the continuation of the old story, but look at is as the beginning of a new one. This show rocks.

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