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Follow Me Hits The Saw Vibe

Most people use a spoon to get their jelly out

Hmmm...I guess the pitch was "Saw In An Escape Room", except that "Saw was basically "Saw in an escape room".

I have to be real with you. It looks to me like this breaks a cardinal rule for this type of movie in that you kind of not have to want to watch the guy die. The douchebaggery that sets up this guys visit to a Russian escape room pretty much makes you think, "yeah, if you could go ahead and make violent strings out of his innards, that would be good".

I do find it intriguing that the makers JUST dropped this trailer and have enough faith in the film to say that it will hit "cinemas" July 16th, especially since the only thing hitting cinemas right now is an echo.

So how about you? Do you care enough to watch this guy get murderized, or maybe that's the point?

Have a look at the trailer and see if you can find a character that is worthy of cheering for, because the pickin's look mightly slim to me.

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