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Get A Krampus Baby For Xmas

Seriously, we know you think your baby is cute, but this is what it looks like to us.

Well I hate to follow up one Xmas horror blog with another one, but this is just too good to pass up. It's one of those age-old questions I've had about some monsters; what did they look like when they were baby monsters. The answer is, they were cute monsters.

Pumpkin Pulp makes some of the most insane, original masks out there. Their specialty is masks that look like you're wearing a skinned animals face, but they dabble in clowns and Krampus and a few other things. One of the other things they do is a line of the most adorable, creepiest dolls you've ever seen. They've done baby witches and pumpkins and others, but by far the cutest has to be the baby hellspawn Krampus.

Apparently Krampus picks up his ability to whip the shit out of kids at a very young age, because he's certainly totin' some branches ready to get the job done. The dolls are all made to look antique and many of the animal ones give off a real "Island Of Dr. Moreau" vibe. The doll line is known as "Forevermore Dolls" and you can take a peek here.

*Note-Baby Krampus is not even included in the online guide yet, but you can message the crew for details.

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