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Ghostbusters Trailer Is Amazing

This is what your refrigerator saw when you opened it during the pandemic.

Oh, holy heck dude, the trailer for the new Ghostbusters, entitled "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is out and it will bring you all the way back. There's something about this that is so completely spot-on that it's hard to describe.

I had no problem with the female Ghostbusters, in fact, I quite enjoyed it. This one though looks far more original while opening up new territory. You've probably already seen the footage of Paul Rudd and the mini-marshmallow men, but that didn't give away any of the storylines. What we have here is a full-on continuance of the story as experienced by the forebears of the Ghostbusting generation.

This just looks like they're going to have to print bags to keep all the money they are going to make in. Not only will this be a top-grossing movie, but I'm also betting it may hit one of the "all-time" lists. Even if it's somehow terrible, the opening weekend is going to be bucking futz.

Enough of my hyperbole, watch the new Ghostbusters: Afterline trailer while it's hot, hot, hot!

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