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Gore, Monsters And More In New Mortal Kombat Trailer

I'm not even gonna lie, having a hot laser eye would be pretty awesome right about now

So what do we talk about here at HorrorWeb? Monsters? Gore? Yeah, I guess we have to cover the release of the new Mortal Kombat trailer.

Due in April on HBOMax, Mortal Kombat tells the story of, oh my gawd, if I have to explain Mortal Kombat to you, you are on the wrong site.

So what's right about this trailer? Well, gore and a lot of it. We see a lot of people getting finished, even if it's not the over-the-top finishes that are in the game (and that they are probably saving for the movie). You see arms torn asunder, heads split, blood, blood and more blood. I kind of think this movie is going to hit hard.

So what's wrong with the trailer? Two things, and I think they're both a matter of personal preference. I would have preferred a live actor Goro with some extra c.g.i. arms instead of this full-on c.g.i. thing and, I missed the department head meeting where everyone decided Sub Zero was the biggest badass (my money was always on Scorpion).

I must also say that I appreciate that they didn't try to "Americanize" the characters too much. There's some fantastic Asian representation here that matches the game.

Get ready for some fun and check it out:

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