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Guns N Roses Release New Song And Video

That moment that last nights hot sauce comes out the other end.

I'm going to start with this; I do not like it when horror sites comment on music. I'm always like, "stick to your lane dude". I just don't feel like someone who specializes in Friday The 13th kills is necessarily the best person to trust your listening to. Now, I am in the music business (rock radio to be exact) and I still don't think I should comment on it too much.

So why are we here? Well, it's because this video should be a hoot to horror fans. Say whatever you want about the attached song, but just check out the cool graphics that go along with it. I have no idea why these particular graphics were selected, but they show some great makeup, digital and practical effects. In other words, this is goals man...

So, what about the song? I already told you that's not my thing, but let me just say that I love it, but I'm not so sure hardcore GNR fans will. I was a HUGE fan of the song "Oh My God" that appeared on the soundtrack to the movie "End Of Days" (a Swartzenegger joint) but everyone seemed to hate it. I listened to Chinese Democracy for months on end and loved it. I'm afraid people don't want GNR to sound like anything other than the old albums. So, once again, my opinion just doesn't matter. Just enjoy it for the visuals, or the music, or both.

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