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Have You Visited Texas Chainsaw Yet?

There was something about the painting at the Holiday Inn that was a little off-putting.

There's something new afoot on the web. First off, before you get distracted, look just barely below where Leatherface's bottom lip is above. There's a little easter egg for you. If you can't make it out, it's a silhouette of Leatherface spinning around as he did in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Now let's get to the business at hand. This year you'll get a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre that is supposed to be a sequel to the original film, featuring a 60-year-old Leatherface. It's my guess that he's discovered the wonders of CBD oil and with his joints no longer aching, he goes on another killing spree.

If you're counting at home there have been eight Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Leatherface films, including my favorite Texas Chainsaw 3D, which had the mind-numbingly beautiful Alexandra D'Addario with her shirt open and everything bouncing around for the world to see. THAT, was an amazing performance.

Anyways, your boy here doesn't get hung up on what's cannon and where each film lands in sequence, I mentally just process this stuff as stories told from different viewpoints or different times. In other words, I'm just craving the sound of chainsaws.

There's not much on the website yet, but you can sign up for updates. Just click here.

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