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Hear The Sound Of Halloween 2018

Use sunscreen people.

Holy crap! I was excited about the new Halloween 2018, but nothing gave me chills like this revamped movie music.

The new Halloween music titled "The Shape Returns" was actually composed by original director and soundtrack artists John Carpenter. It starts with the classic Halloween riffs then brings up the tension by bringing in a layer of ticking sounds, before jumping back in with back the original riff with a sound treatment that reminded me a bit of the Exorcist's "Tubular Bells" (by Mike Oldfield).

Early reaction to the track is about on par with my thoughts with comments like "It's perfect", "John Carpenter is a music genius" and "imagine John Carpenter sitting in front of his piano thinking: "okay, how can I make the best soundtrack in horror history even better?"

All the chills, all the thrills and all the kills wrapped up in one music track. Check it out:

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