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HorrorWeb Reviews Comic Issue #1 "Tattooed Lady" from Dark Clown Studios

This review will be of issue #1, "Tattooed Lady", from Dark Clown Studios!

Created/written/art: Alex Sanchez 

Colors: Kerry Howard.

This particular comic was both story-lined and drawn by me. That said, I believe I can give an honest and unbiased review as it has been years since it was created, so where we go!

This story is about a tattoo artist named Amy-Marie who was diagnosed with  "Coulrophobia", the fear of clowns. She has been dealing with this phobia really well until one fateful night, when a customer walks into her tattoo parlor and requests a tattoo of a clown. When the costumer mentions clowns, memories of a not-so-pleasent time in her life flood her mind. She has to excuse herself.  Amy-Marie eventually agrees to do the tattoo however, and as she begins to chat with the customer, she finds out that he used to have a fear of needles.  She also finds out that they once had the same doctor, Dr. Clark Down. That night, Amy-Marie has a "dream" in which a Tattooed Lady sought out and killed the customer.

... or was it "All In Her Mind" ...

You will have to read the comic to decide for yourself. The story ends with Dr. Clark Down opening a new file, leaving the new patient a mystery until the next issue.

Even after all these years, I feel the storyline behind the "Tattooed Lady" is very original, but the artwork is sub-par at best. It marks a first attempt by myself at drawing a comic. Kerry's colors really help bring the story to life and definitely did a good job at enhancing the artwork. The artwork in future issues of this comic series get progressively better well.

Since I had such a hand in the creation and art on this comic, I will not give it a rating. I'll leave that up to you!

This comic and others in the series can be purchase at

This is Alex (Dark Clown) Sanchez for Horror Web comic book reviews!

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