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Let It Snow Looks Like Hostel On Ice

Yeah, the snow-cones were enormous, but they were chintzy with the syrup.

Wow, this actually looks familiar, but original at the same time. I'm all about it.

There's nothing like being lost in the open. That's scary thing number one. Add some bad weather or conditions and that's number two. Next, of course, you have the vaguely Slavik murderous foreigners with unknown motives and you are ready to rock.

Now let's talk about that vaguely "Midsommar" vibe. I wouldn't call myself an "art-horror" guy, but Midsommar blew me away and there's a little taste of that there. I guess it can be summed up as "don't go looking for adventure where weird-ass foreigners have strange customs".

Once again, the movie is called "Let It Snow" and if that killer is named Olaf I'm going to just up and die of the giggle-shits. A quick search of the Googie says it hits September 22nd on DVD and digital. Have a look at the trailer:

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