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Marilyn Manson Brings The Chaos

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Alright, I have a bone to pick with your people. You've been sleeping on the last couple of Marilyn Manson releases. The world moved on from Manson, but that doesn't mean he wasn't creating great music. Now, Manson has taken a BOLD step forward, much as he did with his mini-Bowie phase of Mechanical Animals.

This song is hell wrapped up as a Christmas present. It's ominous and dark and yet it has such light and sparkly moments. It represents an evolution in Manson's sound (which YOU may have needed). I'm predicting a radio hit with this one and if not, I'm still predicting a track for the next "Best Of Manson" collection.

Can you tell this song is everything I've hoped for an more? It is in fact, greatness. Don't even read further, just listen to the song.

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