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Morbius Teaser Has Dropped

30 Minutes After Eating Taco Bell

Let's start with the fact that I think comics fans did Jared Leto wrong. I think he made some perfectly acceptable and logical choices with his Joker in Suicide Squad. It was about moving the Joker character forward at that time. I, for one, am truly disappointed that that Joker appears to be done for. But, this isn't necessarily a site for superhero shenanigans, it's really about horror and that's way Morbius qualifies.

If you knew about Morbius before reading this, then good on you. I hope you're enjoying your employment on the geek squad, 'cause this character is a little deep. He was originally a nemesis of Spiderman, but went on to be an okay dude and back and forth and you know how it goes in the comics.

So here's some background for newbs. As you'll see in the trailer, the guy tries to cure a blood disease and becomes "A Living Vampire". What that means is he's still human, not undead, and has many of a vampire's traits and abilities, but not all. What's surprising about Leto taking this roll is that as part of his transformation, Morbius gets a serious case of the uglies and starts resembling a bat.

So where does this leave us? Well, I think it gives us horror fans a chance to hold hands with the superhero fans out there and sing a song of peace. Hopefully, this movie will tread those two lines carefully and not just piss both groups off. Give Leto a break, he's working hard here. Here's the new Morbius trailer:

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