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Mushroomhead Return With "Seen It All"

"Crest White-Strips Worked For Me!"

Mushroomhead has always had a special connection with the horror community. Members of the band have always made an effort to drop by and check out the production on our haunted houses and apparently one or of the members also produce haunted houses.

Then there are the masks. I love their masks. I love the new Septia-tone that kind of brings all of the masks together (hopefully that's not just the videography). This is also where comparisons to Slipknot kick in and IDGAF. So what if a hundred bands wear masks, a million musicians haven't worn masks and we never complained about them.

Mushroomhead has a distinct sound that they've carried through on their albums, even with lots of personnel changes. This consistency tells me that the guys aren't copycats of anyone, but a dynamic unit of their own with a clear vision.

The guys have also always found a way to make creative, creepy videos without dropping a bucketload of cash. It's like they cut a scene out of horror movie and leave you to wonder what happened before and after. With that in mind, check out their latest release "Seen It All":

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