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The Beach House Will Debut On Shudder

Before hitting your table, all hams get a day at the beach.

There's a lot to unpack here. Let's start with the fact that apparently this is getting good reviews and you can catch it on Shudder beginning on July 9th.

Now, what are we seeing in this trailer? Well, fortunately, this is one of those times that the trailer doesn't tell the whole story. We have creepy stuff in the trees, the stegosaurus hams on the beach, some really gross stuff wiggling around, and a lady doing one of those slow crackly turns which usually indicates that she's already dead, possessed or lacking when it comes to taking her women's vitamins.

All I can say is, this looks VERY promising and certainly a level up from most the Indie fare out there. Have a look at the trailer and see if it doesn't skeeze you out just a little bit.

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