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The Complete Ash Versus The Evil Dead Now On Netflix

Still Makin' 'Em Moister Than An Oyster

It is weird living in a world with no more Ash, then again, it feels like this beautiful, wonderful, crazy and much beloved character has run it's course. The final season of Ash Versus The Evil Dead is now streaming alongside the previous two on Netflix. The series was wilder, bloodier and crazier than anyone could possibly expect. The final season finale also was a nice bookend that left the series with seemingly little to nowhere to go.

Like many of you, Ash and the Evil Dead series was a major chunk of my life. The first Evil Dead movie hit in 1981, long before many of you were even born. Hearing it was becoming a Starz series in 2015 was like a dream come true. It was seriously like someone was listening to my thoughts and making them real. The series did not disappoint either with the obnoxious Ash living semi-retired from demon hunting in a small town. Along the way he picked up some allies (as well as losing some) and some enemies (that sometimes turned into frenemies).

I would recommend all three seasons to anyone and everyone as we all say farewell and "Hail To The King" to Ashy-Slashy, Ashley J. Williams.

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