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The Devil Below Trailer Promises Cool Monster

Wow, looks like we have something to celebrate. Who hasn't wanted an old school monster movie? It looks like what we have here is "Tremors" meets the devil. This is a nasty looking critter with those one-way teeth.

Can we all agree on something though? If either of us is pulled underground by a giant teethy worm, can we just agree we're demon food and move on? Seriously, don't come looking for me unless I say, "Hey guys, there's really cool demon girls down here with really big ta-tas". If I say anything other than that, I'm lying to get the worm to eat you while I run away.

The Tremors comparisons at this point are numerous as evidenced by a lot of the YouTube comments (speaking of things hateful things that are sub-human). What's also intriguing to me is the night-vision scene which apparently shows that one of these things or its friends may be in some type of humanoid form. Take a look:

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