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The Grudge Red Band Trailer Earns It's Rating

When someone asks you, "did you eat all the Reeses?"

The red band trailer for the new Grudge movie is out and it's a humdinger? Do you like blood, dismemberment, bugs, and kids crawling up out of bathroom drains in your horror movie? Well, then The Grudge is for you.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this one, but now I'm sold. This looks creepy and gross as shit! I had to go back and check out that scene where the lady was, let's say, "trimming her fingernails".

John Cho, who will ever be the Harold to my Kumar stars in this remake as a guy who gets his Head & Shoulders mixed up with new "Fingers & Knuckles". I have to tell you, friends, this looks like straight up, no waiting for digital, go to the theater horror. My best guess is that if we all do that, there will be more Grudge movies to follow.

Enjoy the Red Band Trailer.

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