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The Twilight Zone Returns With Jordan Peele

"Somebody call Thor, I've found his eye"

Jordan Peele, formerly of Key & Peele has apparently become the go-to guy for horror. "Get Out" was such an incredibly surprising and original work that Peele is now obviously in huge demand. Peele recently tweeted an image from a new horror movie called "Us" that is coming March 19th 2019, but the more intriguing tweet is that for the reboot of the Twilight Zone.

The trailer is about as perfect as one might expect, honoring both the late Rod Serling and passing the baton to Jordan Peele all at once. The Twilight Zone revamp is an excellent choice for a reboot bringing short stories to an audience that seems to have problems maintaining interest in anything for too long.

It's unknown at this time if any classic Twilight Zone stories will be revisited, but it seems inevitable that a few won't be updated. The show will be on CBS All-Access In 2019

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