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WATCH: Get A Longer Look At NOS4A2

Take it from me kid, sunscreen. That is all.

If they execute half of the stuff in the book well, this will be a modern horror classic. A longer look at the television adaptation of NOS4A2 has been released, including some better looks at Zachary Quinto's "Mr. Manx" and of Christmasland itself.

I suppose I should go back in case you haven't heard of this series or the Joe hill novel. Mr. Manx travels around in a car with the license plate NOS4A2 abducting children and sucking down their souls like a plate of Oysters Rockefeller. He is being tracked down by a young lady who has a special ability to find lost things. He also has a henchman who could have been a horror movie unto himself.

It's a great and slightly complicated tale that belongs on episodic television. Have a look at the new trailer.

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