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What If Black Friday Was A Horror Movie?

I fell the same way about Christmas music.

This is so close to the truth, it's almost not funny. Almost. Every year I see tons of friends tempted by "door busters", "early bird savings" and "Black Friday" specials. They fight for these low priced deals, often unaware that "limited quantities are available". People over shop, over buy and get emotional about getting the gifts they want early.

Yes, there are some good deals out there but it can be like winning the lottery. I've even witnessed store employees themselves stashing the items so they could get the discounts leaving customers high and dry.

I witnessed this madness in person once, and said "never again". It's hard for me to believe that the same Toys R Us store where I witnessed absolute madness is now out of business.

With all of this out of the way, have a look at just how close Black Friday shopping and The Purge are.

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