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Why You Should Give Fear The Walking Dead Another Chance

"I'm Morgan and this is my BOOMSTICK....wait, wrong show".

(Spoilers ahead) Fear The Walking Dead is not the show it was in season one. Heck, it's not even the show it was in the middle of the 4th season. Madison and nearly everyone you knew from the early episodes are dead. Strand and Alicia are pretty much all that are left and new, and actually more interesting characters have taken their place.

"I'm a cowboy and on a steel horse I ride..."

Of course, you probably know from the hype that Morgan has made his way over to Fear, but it's really the duo of John Dorie and Naomi (Garet Dillahunt & Jenna Elfman) that take things forward. Yes, there are other characters that have been introduced including a SWAT vehicle driving journalist and a pair of truck drivers that also show a lot of promise.

Dropping back into the show at the start of season 4 is a great place to come back. You'll find out what happened to most of the original characters that the show started with and get started with the new dynamic. Myself, I was sold on the new direction the minute Morgan met John Dorie.

The show also has one other thing that The Walking Dead hasn't dabbled with much and that's a sense of humor. The sight of zombies getting blown around in a windstorm or getting caught in mud are funny, and at the same time would be a bit true to life (they don't know how to hang onto things).

Most of all, I do feel like I need support horror on television and while not perfect at all times, Fear The Walking Dead, in my opinion, is currently outshining the original.

Oh, and one more thing, now some of the characters not only have a zombie problem, they have an alligator problem as well.

I've included the trailer for season 4 below, but things change drastically and quickly.

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