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Wrong Turn's Second Trailer Drops

"Are you still having 'taco's' if you eat just one?"

When we last left Wrong Turn, we were hipped to the fact that this time around we get weird old civil war folks instead of mutant hillbillies. This doesn't have emoji's so can I just write "frowny face". I'm still pleased to have a new Wrong Turn movie though.

I kind of like the Muties (a combination of mutants+cuties) in the previous films but I'll take any movie where some folks who look like they're probably a bit obnoxious mess up and stumble upon some killing grounds. All of that is just classic horror movie stuff if you ask me.

While it's never received the kind of accolades that other series have received, the Wrong Turn Movies have proven to be a sold diversion and usually feature some righteous kills. They're just good ol' bloody Saturday night fun for us horror fans.

So here's a good chance for you to buy into the franchise with a new reboot:

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