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Z Is Not For Zombie

Why the monster was depicted taking a dump, no one knows

So this looks like a fun little movie. It appears it is asking the question, "what if Junior's imaginary friend was real (and really f'd up looking)?

I do have to admit I like movies that build a lot of tension before they hit up a big reveal, unfortunately, the trailer has a reveal. It's okay, no one is asking you to pay $10.95 to see this On Demand, its apparently just a new addition to the Shudder streaming service (7 Days free, $4.75 monthly plans available after that).

I don't have any idea why they went with "Z" for the title and if it's explained in the trailer I didn't catch it. I can only say that the writers should have looked for other letters or even a series of letters like "o.k." or "p.u.".

Anywhoo, here's a trailer for a new movie on a service many of you horror fans may already be familiar with.

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